Michael Araujo Recipient of Prestigious Howard Kay Award for Outstanding School Leadership

Michael Araujo was awarded the 2017 Howard Kay Award for outstanding school committee leadership at RIASC’s Annual Meeting.  Michael, a member of the Pawtucket School Committee, was nominated by a fellow member.  He is a graduate of RIASC’s Leadership Academy and has achieved close to 200 professional development hours through RIASC.  He has served as Chair of the Pawtucket School Committee and serves on many sub-committees in Pawtucket.  Mike is also an active member of the RIASC Board.

Upon presenting the Award, Jay Charbonneau, Pawtucket School Committee Chairman stated, “Mike has worked tirelessly on behalf of the taxpayers and children of our district.  The definition of a public servant, Mike is a humble, thoughtful leader who goes about his service to others quietly without seeking the limelight.  Mike exemplifies what public service should be.  He is passionate about his role in city government and his obligation to the city he loves.”

Congratulations Mike.  You are a true champion for the students of Pawtucket.

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